Blogs I Enjoy

Here are some blogs that I recommend and enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too!

Sisters on our Knees is a blog by my sister Joy and her friend Peyton. It is a blog about prayer. It has prayer prompts, devotionals, and more,

Blog of Joy Is also written by my sister Joy. She writes about many random things, including thoughts, recipes, and more. It is a very nice blog

Cherry Tree Poet Is my sister Joy’s third blog. She has many beautiful poems on it. It is a very lovely blog.

In Sun Or Rain is written by my sister Grace. It is loaded with beautiful poetry full of emphasis on God and on the wonderful things he does for us.

Crazy A is a blog written by my friend Amie. It is mostly about writing, but Amie also shares about decorating, everyday life, and other “crazy” stuff!

Books, Baking, and Writing is written by my friend Mandalynn. Guess what it is about– books, baking, and writing! She shares book reviews, recipes, and more.